What should I wear?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Dress 'yourself'' . Wear what you are comfortable being in...show your personality.
Flatter your features.
Make your hair beautiful!
You can wear 'pop' colors. An example could be wearing all black with hot pink shoes or scarf.
Dress up but still be YOU. Just glam up a bit more then usual.
If you're a heel girl...WEAR THEM!
If you are a tennis shoe girl.....WEAR EM!!! What ever is YOU.
Avoid silky or reflective clothing.
Bring a comb, fix your nails, brush your teeth.
Got a zit?....I'll take care of it but still try to cover just in case.


IRON YOUR SHIRT!! unless it's supposed to look all wrinkly or if you just like a wrinkly shirt!
Wear fun shoes.
Dress comfortable.
Dress classic and avoid reflective clothing.
Dress for you personality....if your fun and hip, dress it...if your casual, dress it... if your formal, dress it.
Brush your teeth and shower.
For engagement photos COORDINATE with your girl...COORDINATE...that doesn't mean you have to wear the same colors. But if she is wearing baby pink don't dare wear neon orange!!!
Got a zit?....I'll take care of it the best I can while editing. If you wanna use HER makeup I wont tell a soul....promise.

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