Baby G ~ West Lafayette, Indiana Lifestyle Photographer

Friday, March 22, 2013

I find as I do more sessions, that my style is more of a candid in the moment feel rather then posing everyone and that even happens with babies.  I know we all see those adorable posts all over pinterest of those cute babies ALL posed perfectly.  I've tried to copy it, but that is not me and I feel comfortable in my candid style.  At first this was frustrating for me, but I have come to accept and embrace that I am more of a lifestyle photographer.

Baby G is the first baby that I have done in a while (besides my own) and I was a little nervous.  She is 1 week old and wanted to watch everything going on around her.  Her mom fed her and rocked her, but she just wanted to keep her eyes wide open! Maybe that has to do with the fact that she has 2 older brothers running around who LOVE her SO MUCH and are super excited to have her as part of their family now.  Check out these adorable pictures of this beautiful baby!

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