Groovebook with a special offer!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I bet you have a ton of pictures on your phone that just sit there and some of them you never look at again.  Well someone has come up with a solution to that!

I enjoy watching the show Shark Tank and seeing the products and services people pitch to the investors.  When Groovebook came on and introduced their service and product my husband signed up before the show was even over!

Groovebook is a service app that you can upload pictures to from your phone and once a month they will send you this cute little 4x6 book full of your pictures!  You can only upload 100 pictures each month and the pages are perforated so you can easily remove the pictures from the book to give to family or hang on your refrigerator.  They do all this for only $2.99 a month and that includes your book and shipping!
My little girl loves looking at all the pictures!
This picture is from my amazing trip to NYC in November!  If you want to read about it on my personal blog check it out HERE.

I know you are wanting it now.  Would you like to receive a free Groovebook?  You can use coupon code "JENSEN474"
How to redeem:
1. Download the FREE GroveBook app.
2. Follow signup instructions.
3. Enter promo code "JENSEN474" at checkout.
4. Begin reviewing and uploading your photos.



  1. Holy Cow! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing Heidi :) I just hope it works on an iPod Touch.

  2. Sara, you are welcome! I hope it works for you on the iPod.