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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tip #1
Use your phones camera. The resolution your phone camera takes is going to be much better than the resolution in the instagram app. 


Tip #2
Edit before you upload. So go ahead and take the photo with your phone and then edit it in the gallery.  Open up your instagram account and then upload it to your account.

Tip #3
Using filters or not using filters can express feelings.  When showcasing my photography work (follow me @heidijensenphotography) I don't use a filter because I want people to see what I really do and how my work looks if they were to hire me.  On my personal instagram account I think it is fun to use filters to help enhance the feeling of the photo. You make the choice.


  X-Pro II

Tip # 4
Have fun with hashtags!  When you use a hashtag you are basically creating keywords that can be searched.  An example is that when I post a wedding photo on instagram in the description I will put #weddingphotographer.  When someone searches for #weddingphotographer my photo will pop up. I personally enjoy reading the funny hashtags that my friends create. HERE is a funny Jimmy Fallon video you should check out!

Tip #5
Be safe. You can follow people and people can follow you.  If your account is public any one can see your photos and comment on them.  For this reason, I have decided to separate my personal and public life. Photos that show my kids faces only go on my personal account. When your account is set to private others have to request to follow your instagram feed. At the same time, I love public accounts that share their lives and creativity and make me feel inspired.

Bonus Tip!
Want to take create a photo with an instagram filter, but don't want to actually put it up on instagram? Set your phone to airplane mode.  Then go through the steps to upload your photo to instagram with your chosen filter.  It will pop up saying that it failed to load, but go check the location on your phone where photos are stored and there will be your saved instagram photo along with all the ones that you have shared on the instagram app.

Did you find this helpful? If so, show some love and hop over to instagram and start following me @heidijensenphotography!

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